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SETH ORLOW, MD, PhD Receives an

At the 2011, American Academy of Dermatology Meeting, Warren Wallo, Director of Scientific Communications, Johnson & Johnson Consumer and Personal Products Worldwide, announced the first recipient of the 2011 ACTIVE NATURALS® RESEARCH AWARD – a $30,000 grant promoting research within the field of natural ingredients in Dermatology. Dr.Seth J. Orlow, MD, PhD was chosen to receive the ACTIVE NATURALS® Research Award for his compelling research application.

Dr.Orlow’s research will focus on “Identification of natural actives that modulate pigmentation via glutathione.” This research should increase our understanding of the biology of pigmentation and may identify new naturals that demonstrate that ability to influence pigmentation pathways. “We are certain that Dr.Orlow’s wok will be highly valued by the dermatology community and will help to further advance the scientific knowledge of natural ingredients,” said Warren Wallo

Dr.Orlow is Chairman of the Ronald O. Perelman Department of Dermatology, at the New York University School of Medicine, where he has been a faculty member since 1990. He is the Weinberg Professor of Pediatric Dermatology, and a Professor of Cell Biology and of Pediatrics. He also serves as director of NYU’s Center for Excellence in Cancers of the skin.”

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